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1 Step Brush Builder Sample Kit

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contains: UV Cleanser Passion 60 ml, 1 Step Brush Builder Glass 15ml
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Astonishing ‘1 Step Brush Builder’ is a HEMA free base, builder and top gel in one, which is available in 5 different colors. It is a great product for an easy and fast application on natural nails, which can also be used for building nail extentions with nail tips or nail forms. This product line also has an indispensable UV Cleanser. It removes the sticky layer that forms on the nail after curing the gel.

Features & Benefits

  • Carries the DERMA+ mark
  • HEMA free
  • Strength of a builder gel
  • Easy application in bottle with brush
  • Creates strong extension on nail tips or nail forms
  • Perfect base for gel polish application
  • For the sensitive nail plate
  • Helps to promote natural nail growth
  • Ideal for baby boom nails
  • Reduces fi ling
  • Sticky layer
  • 100% gel system
  • Cure time: Led: 30-60 seconds, UV: 3 minutes
  • Advised to be filed, not soaked-off