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Astonishing Acrylic System

Met het Astonishing Acryl Systeem kan de nagelprofessional met gemak een of meerdere kralen beeldhouwen, afhankelijk van de lengte van de verbetering.

Astonishing Acrylic System

The Astonishing Acrylic System allows the nail professional to sculpt with ease using one or multiple beads depending on the length of the enhancement. For natural nail overlays, overlay with tip application, and sculpting over an Astonishing sculpting form. Six core powders: White, Cover, Soft Cover, New Mix, Transparent Pink, and Clear.

Features & Benefits
- Controlled sculpture
- Outstanding color stability
- Ultimate strenght and durability
- No lifting and bubbles
- Suprior adhesion
- Available in 6 colors

Prepare the natural nail plate removing the cuticle and using removing any contaminants with Blue Scrub and a nail wipe. (Apply primer if deemed necessary). Sculpt the nail with Astonishing’s monomer (liquid) in combination with Astonishing Powders. Mix ratio should between 1.5 – 2 parts liquid to 1 part powder. Finish to a high shine using Astonishing’s optimal selection of the highest quality of files.



Astonishing Acrylic Powders

Astonishing Acrylic Monomer

Astonishing Professional Acrylic Brushes