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Stop Addiction - No Biting 11ml

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Der Weg zur Besserung! Sind Sie süchtig nach Nägelkauen? Nägelkauen ist eine schlechte Angewohnheit und Ihre Nägel können dadurch dauerhaft geschädigt werden. Starten Sie jetzt und zeigen Sie Ihre neuen Nägel!
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Product Description 
The road to recovery! Are you addicted to biting your nails? Nail biting is a bad habit that make your nails look unsightly and may damage your nails permanently. Start now and show off your new nails! Carry Astonishing Spa Stop Addiction with you at all times and apply daily. Provides a bitter tasting layer on your nails and skin around the nail, which helps you stop biting.
Use together with Astonishing Spa Be Tough to strengthen the nail and it leaves a shiny layer that will help to remind you not to bite!

Features & Benefits 
- Helps you stop biting nails
- Provides bitter tasting layer
- Semi water resistant
- Ideal as retail item

Apply daily on nail and if necessary also on skin. May be used more times per day if desired. Continue to apply the solution when you stop biting your nails to prevent starting again. Use together with Astonishing Spa Be Tough Nail to strengthen the nail.