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Finish Gel

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Astonishing Finish Gel, create a brilliant shine to the Astonishing Sculpting Gel System and Astonishing Monomer and Polymer System. The Finish Gel is optimal for the clients that work with environmental agents that can be corrosive or cause yellowing to enhancement products. Only use for hard gels.

Features & Benefits

  • Brilliant mirror shine
  • Non-yellowing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy brush application
  • Perfect grip brush handle for secure brush control
  • Perfect viscosity
  • Cure time: 60sec. in Astonishing LED/UV lamp

Roll the bottle lightly between your hands. Remove the brush and wipe one side of the brush at the neck of the bottle. Use the Finish Gel on the opposite side of the brush and brush the gel over the entire surface of the enhancement from the cuticle to the extension edge.