Soak Off Gel Polish

Astonishing Nails Mystery Gel

Astonishing Nails Mystery Gel is just as the names states, a real mystery. It is a very versatile gel that can be may be used for various applications. It the perfect addition to your soak off gel polish range and can be easily soaked off the natural nail when used in combination with Gelosophy Base and Gelosophy Top Gel. It is also the perfect addition to your color gel range used on Astonishing Nails acrylic or gel enhancements. But the real mystery is revealed when used as a Design Gel. When used in combination with the Mystery Gel Base, the Mystery Gel Color creates a shattered, aged effect on the surface of the nail.

Another unique feature of the Mystery Gel is the 5D brush, with the double amount of high quality hairs (440 hairs). It has a unique free edge shape, specially trimmed to mirror the contour of the nail for a flawless application.

Color Chart

Gelosophy is the new nail polish philosophy!
  • Gelosophy applies like a polish with the advantages of a gel.
  • Gelosophy is easy to apply and stays on for 3-6 weeks.
  • Gelosophy cures in 2 min. in 36 Watt UV light and in just 30 sec. in LED light!
  • Gelosophy is easy to remove – simply soak it off in just 10 minutes!
  • A great new revolution for all women!
  • For manicures, natural nails and nail enhancements with gel or acrylics










Astonishing Base Gel
Gelosophy Base Gel - primes nail plates for an optimal adhesion and prevents lifting of the Soak Off Gel Polish. Cures in 1 minute in a AN UV Light or 10 seconds in a LED Light.

Gelosophy Soak Off Gel Polish

Gelosophy Soak Off Gel Polish - applies like a polish and has all the advantages of a gel. High fashion colors that stay on for over 2 weeks. Gelosophy is easy to apply, without chipping, peeling or wearing. It cures in 2 minutes in a AN UV Light (4x 9 Watt) or in just 30 seconds in LED Light. It’s easy to remove – simply soak it off in just 10 minutes.

Gelosophy Top Gel
Gelosophy Top Gel - gives nails a smooth and high-shine finish and protects the Soak Off Gel Polish from fading or dulling. Cures in 2 minutes in a AN UV Light or 30 seconds in a LED Light. 





Gelosophy Counter Display
This display has space for 30 bottles. When you buy 30 Gelosophy colors of your own choice, you get this beautiful display for free!

Gelosophy Display

We are very excited to present our Gelosophy Display with these 30 fantastic colors. The colors in the display are already set.

Why to buy?
- EXTRA discount
- FREE display with header card
- Ideal for the counter in shop or salon
- Plays an important role in increasing sales
- Conveniently arranged
- Selection of 30 fantastic colors – will suit everyone’s needs
- Increases visibility
- Attracts more attention
- Can be supplemented from stock

Click here for an overview of the colors.

Gelosophy Display 144 pcs - Fixed colors
This display is an ultimate space saver and holds 144 bottles (6x 24 colors). With the included header card it looks attractive and it provides a professional presentation of your Gelosophy assortment. It fits nicely on any counter or shelf allowing customers to have easy access to the products. 

Click here for an overview of the colors.