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Astonishing Nails Distributor Meeting & Educator Training At Beauty Company & Beauty Factory In The Netherlands
On the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January the Astonishing Nails International Distributor Meeting & Educator Training was held at Holiday Inn in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Educators participate in this training to qualify to a higher level (3 levels: Educator, Professional Educator, Master Educator). This way they are able to constantly improve and master their educator skills.

 Specially for this Astonishing Nails Educator Training we have set up an international team of experienced educators consisting of: Emma Harris (Astonishing Nails Global Educator, Ireland), Angela Poldervaart (Astonishing Nails Professional Educator, The Netherlands) and special guest Tracey Lee (Astonishing Nails Global Educator, South-Africa/The Netherlands). They have obtained several titles during various competitions around the world.



Astonishing Nails Photographic Nail Competition 2016 - And the winner is... 
We are thrilled with the amount of entries received, and we are very proud to have such dedicated Astonishing Nails distributors, educators and nail techs. The entries were very creative which has resulted in very exciting, original nails and photos. We would like to announce and to congratulate the following participants:

Category French: 1st place - Kurushyna Sviatlana (Dalidovitch Belarus)
Category Design: 1st place - Zofia Dziala (Nails Imagination Poland)
Category Gelosophy: 1st place - Anna Sikora (Nails Imagination Poland)