Nail Art Paint

Nail Art Paint 15 ml
Let your creativity flow with the Astonishing Nails Nail Art Paint. These water-based Nail Art Paints are suitable for most of the enormous versatility of painting techniques. The paints are highly pigmented, which results in excellent coverage and color impact. It performs perfectly under all conditions and dries to a flexible strong opaque layer.

- Water-based
- Highly concentrated pigments
- Excellent coverage- Dries quickly
- Usable for various painting techniques – especially for Hand Painting and Nail Art

Intense Black Pigment 18 ml
Use Intense Black Pigment to thin out your black Nail Art Paint without losing the intensity of the color, while using water would do so. When mixed: ideal for creating thin, crisp lines.
Nail Art Retarder 15 ml
Mix this acrylic transparent gel with Nail Art Paint to extend the drying time without compromising colorquality. Paint stays wet for longer, allowing more time for blending or layering highlights.