About Us

Astonishing Nails

25 years of research and development formed the basis for the innovative ASTONISHING NAILS professional gel & acrylic systems. A continued quality control throughout the entire production process guarantees a consistency in color, viscosity, clarity, strength and high gloss finish.

Astonishing Nails products offer an outstanding adhesion to the natural nail and are non-yellowing. We are convinced that Astonishing Nails offer the best performance and the most consistent composition in the professional nail market worldwide. Astonishing Nails products boast an easy application for natural nails, sculptured nails, tips, pedicures and maintenance with our detailed step-by-step instructions. Innovative as Astonishing Nails is, new products will be continuously added to the assortment, like LED/UV color gels. 
Astonishing Spa 

Astonishing Spa is all about taking you back to the basics where nature is the key ingredient.
Inspired by rich traditions and sacred knowledge passed down through the ages,
Astonishing Spa encourages you to rediscover the true gifts that nature has to offer.

Astonishing Spa has made a selection of nature’s purest offerings. These natural, active ingredients combined with nourishing essentials have been tried and tested through the generations. Together with innovative technology, the result is a product line that does what it promises.


Gift for your hands & feet…

Although hands and feet are the ultimate focus of our Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure Line, the real gift is the sensory experience the Spa Manicure Sensual Peppery Rose offers and Spa Pedicure Hypnotic Valley Blossom offers.

All Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure* products:
- Is SLS and SLES free
- Contains no parabens
- Contains no silicones
- Contains no colorants**
- Contains no mineral oils
- Is suitable for all skin types
- Is dermatologically tested
* exception on Callus Remover and Cooling Gel
** exception on Purifying Masque
Astonishing Wax

Especially with the Astonishing Wax products. With its innovative roll-on waxing, pot waxing, pre and post wax treatments products Astonishing Wax provides everything the professional esthetician needs to satisfy all client’s demands. The products have been specifically picked with regard to fragrance, ingredients, texture and compatibility and have been selected for its quality and its ease of use. This makes the Astonishing Wax system ideal for every beautician who’s looking for an effective, fast method of hair removal at a superb quality.
Beauty Factory
Beauty Factory, established in 1993, is one of the largest and most well known international companies in the beauty industry within Europe and Russia, specializing in hand and nail products for the professional market. During the past 19 years, Beauty Factory has grown to one of the market leaders in the industry. With an international network of distributors, together with sister company Beauty Company, we export to more than 45 countries.

Beauty Factory is specialized in introducing innovative and targeted products to the professional market. Our product line includes worldwide top brands like EzFlow, ibd, Ardell, China Glaze, So Easy, Bransus and Swarovski. Beauty Factory has the exclusive distribution rights to several European countries for the brands EzFlow and ibd. Beauty Factory also exports her own brands Nail Perfect, Astonishing Nails and Astonishing Spa.

We continue to work closely with the most knowledgeable and experienced Laboratories in the area of gels, acrylics and other professional nail products. The latest techniques are incorporated in the development of the existing and new products from our brands Nail Perfect and Astonishing Nails & Spa. With these brands, Beauty Factory is able to offer you an entire range of products, including packaging and labelling, or no label products delivered in bulk.

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